DevFest Siberia 2017 - Blacklight


Hi there!

Today we’re announcing an exciting part of the upcoming DevFest Siberia: Blacklight, the DevFest adventure.

BlackLight Quest Logo

Blacklight is a text-based adventure, during which you will have to solve various challenges to progress in the story. Some parts of the story will be playable online, but the most exciting chapters will take place at the conference itself.

Throughout your quest, you will visit a variety of places, meet different people, interact with physical objects and collaborate with other players to unravel the mystery that will take place at DevFest Siberia this year.

You don’t need any special skills to begin, although the challenges will become more complex over time. Team playing is encouraged, so make some friends and join a group!

Blacklight will run until the very end of the conference. Don’t be late: your total score, as well as progress in specific chapters, can get you one of the several prizes that we will be happy to give away to the most active and skillful players.

Lastly, a small but pleasant surprise: everyone who completes the Blacklight prologue — available online starting right now — will get a ticket discount and a special item upon the conference check-in.

Adventure time!